Top tips for dressing your bifold doors

Bifold doors offer many benefits and are available in a wide range of sizes to complement your home and available space. Some of the best advantages of bifold doors is that they are a wonderful way to let natural light and air flow through your living space, creating the sense of openness that we all long for. But how can you dress them?

Here at Landmark Windows, we have accumulated years of experience in the fenestration industry and have seen a multitude of different trends. This means that we can give you honest and expert advice on how to best dress your bifold doors.

Bi-fold door internal view of extension - bifold doors

Why should I dress my bifold doors?

Dressing your bifold doors is something entirely down to your personal preference and ultimately, the available space above the bifold doors.

Some of our customers tend to leave their bifold doors uncovered to take full advantage of their beautiful bifold doors which feature a concertina opening whilst others choose to dress them. The choice is entirely down to you and what you would like for your living space.

Bifold Doors in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

What are the advantages of dressing my bifold doors with curtains?

A question we get asked a lot by our customers is ‘Can you put curtains on bifold doors?’ and the answer is yes! Curtains tend to be the most popular option for dressing doors and windows in residential properties and they can also be an excellent choice for bifold doors too!

In comparison to integral blinds, some of our customers feel that curtains can create a softer, cosier favourable ambience in which they can relax and unwind in. Perfect for those winter evenings where you want to relax and unwind whilst watching a movie.

While lighter fabrics can put less strain on the track or pole and help to increase the durability of the curtains, the overall curtain choice is down to you and with so many designs, patterns, colours, and headings available at your fingertips you can rest easy knowing that you have a variety of choice to choose from.

For example, if you would like something that will complement the modern aesthetics of your bifold doors then we would suggest choosing an eyelet heading for your chosen fabric. Or alternatively if your home décor is more traditional then the formal look of pinch pleats and pencil pleats will be sure to create the ‘wow-factor’! Whatever your desired style, there is plenty of options available.

Also, if you decide that curtains are your preferred option then we would suggest opting for lighter, brighter fabrics during the summer months to keep your home cool and let the natural light flood through your home and heavier, stronger fabrics during the winter months to retain the heat – they also work wonders to eliminate the ‘goldfish bowl’ feeling that some of our customers get during the darker evenings.

Bifold Doors in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall
Wide span bifold door opening onto a patio area - bifold doors
Light grey bifold door for new extension installation

What are the advantages of dressing my bifold doors with integral blinds?

When it comes to retaining your privacy, what blinds can you put on bifold doors? Here at Landmark Windows, we can fit integral blinds to your bifold doors that boast a contemporary option for a more modern look and feel. Furthermore, if the space above the bifold doors is relatively small then integral blinds are an excellent option since fitting a curtain rail may be impractical.

Integral blinds are an aesthetically pleasing innovation that feature a more sophisticated and slimmer appearance than curtains. And not only can you adjust the shading you get from each panel, but they are also perfect for keeping your living space at a comfortable temperature all year round – something we know all our customers love!

What’s even better is that as integral blinds are installed between the glass panes, they are maintenance free and incredibly easy to use. There are two operations available: manual or electronic so you have the choice of either based on your personal preference. We would say, however, that out of choosing curtains or blinds that integral blinds are the safer option, especially in homes with young children as there are no external cords due to the streamlined and simplified electronic control mechanism.

You can even choose from a wide range of colours to compliment the colour of your bifold doors and the rest of your living space. Here are our four bifold door colour ideas to inspire you!

Bifold Doors in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

A range of door styles, such as bifold doors and patio doors to suit any Plymouth home

Aside from offering bifold doors, we also offer a variety of other door styles including entrance doors and patio doors. Any door from Landmark will enhance your home as well as providing security and keeping the cold at bay – something we know our customers love to hear. Whatever your door requirement, we can provide the right solution to you. Get a quote from our team of experts today.

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