Which are better: bifold or sliding patio doors?

Choosing any type of entrance door is an important decision as it is a key feature to the exterior of your home. Entrance doors should be aesthetically pleasing yet practical. So, when it comes to choosing between bifold and sliding patio doors, what is the difference and which ones is better? That answer will depend on the space you are working with, your needs, and your unique taste. But, to help with your decision, we have outlined some essential factors to consider when choosing between bifold and sliding patio doors!

Bi-fold door internal view of extension - bifold doors

What are bifold doors?

Made up of multiple panels, bifolds are doors that typically slide across a track and fold up against each other. A bifold door opens in one quick motion or two if it opens in both directions. When open, a bifold door will give you the full view and access to what is concealed behind.

However, the time bifold doors can be entirely stacked open in the UK is limited. During the winter it can be frustrating to have to open the entire door just to pop outside, causing a lot of heat to escape from the house. To avoid this frustration, a traffic door can be integrated into your bifold system, allowing you to open just one section on your door to go outside.

What type of space do bifold doors suit?

Bifold doors are perfect for those who enjoy entertaining, as the doors allow you to completely open up the room, effortlessly blending your home and garden together. Bifold doors are the only style of door that can reveal up to 90% of their width as uninterrupted open space. Even the smallest garden can feel larger with bifold doors, thanks to their slim sightlines and their ability to let in a huge amount of natural light – brightening up any room they’re added to.

The smallest suggested opening for bifold doors is 1400mm, so bifold doors tend to suit larger openings. Larger open-plan areas are ideal as bi-folding doors can open inwards and outwards, however, it’s important to remember if you choose then you will need space for the panes to stack. You can have up to 5 panels, depending on the size of your opening.

Have a look at this helpful video from Homebuilding & Renovating, on what to look for in an Origin bifold door. Here at Landmark Windows, we are a trusted Origin installer in Devon and Cornwall.

Black bi-fold door within an extension which houses a new kitchen

What are sliding patio doors?

A sliding patio door has a simpler mechanism, opening by sliding horizontally into the next pane, instead of folding into one another. Normally made up of 2 panes, the second pane stays in place and the movable panel seamlessly slides into it, creating a picturesque opening into your garden. However, for bigger spaces, you can choose up to 3 or 4 glazed door panes.

What type of space do sliding patio doors suit?

Unlike bifold doors, you will not be able to fully open up the space. However, sliding patio doors generally have fewer frames and larger areas of glass, so when closed, the view is not compromised by multiple sightlines. If you have beautiful Cornish or Devonshire views and want to get the most out of them all year round, even on the rainiest of days, then sliding doors are a perfect choice! In addition to this, sliding patio doors are an increasingly popular option as they do not require extra room to manoeuvre and can work well in openings that are limited by space.

Large glazed sliding patio door in white
Sliding aluminium patio door

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