Are stable doors any good? – 4 reasons why you should choose a stable door

Stable doors are one of the most versatile and popular options for the exterior of a property. They are a somewhat unique door, in the sense that they are comprised of two separate parts that can be opened independently of each other.

The bottom half, when opened, can be used for ventilation as the whole door does not need to be opened fully to be able to provide fresh air. The bottom half also provides security when closed, but with the added bonus of being able to still have half the top part open.

Previously, stable doors were predominantly used in farms to keep the animals inside while also allowing fresh air to venture in without the need to fully open a door. In a similar vein, the doors were used in a home where farm animals could roam without being able to enter the house.

Chartwell green stable door with astragal bars for a traditional look

1) Stable doors provide great safety and security

A common worry, and in turn misconception, around stable doors is related to their design when it comes to security. The fact that they are viewed as what is essentially a door split in half gives the incorrect implication that they are not safe. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

Stable doors are in fact very safe and secure thanks to a range of design features. For example, in terms of our range of stable doors, each one is fitted with a fully adjustable multi-point locking system. With this option, your security is effectively doubled as you are given the option to lock each part of the door individually.

One of the main reasons why homeowners look to install stable doors is the additional safety that can be granted when it comes to children and pets. The doors are designed in a way that you can keep children safely inside by keeping the bottom half firmly shut, while still being able to utilise the top half in whichever way you would like.

2) A versatile door option for your Plymouth home

As previously alluded to, the dual opening provides options for the homeowner, such as security or ventilation. With regards to the security aspect, there is even the possibility for them to be used as a front door, along with the other benefits.

Despite having a reputation for belonging in a farm-based or traditional property, stable doors do have the potential to fit in seamlessly in any type of home. While their traditional use is still often retained, they are also now used throughout the home. Stable doors can also easily double as another window option as well, offering a function that a more typical door will not.

3) A range of styles and designs

Despite having a design history typically based around timber materials, recent times have seen a growth in stable doors being produced with other materials. UPVC and composite stable doors, like those provided here at Landmark, are two such materials that now provide an effective base for secure and efficient doors. With these materials, there is a wide range of colours and finishes available, such as anthracite grey or a rosewood woodgrain finish.

Particularly with the woodgrain options, there is easily the potential to replicate the timber aesthetics of the traditional stable doors. This allows homeowners a much broader choice when it comes to materials, with the further benefits that come with each. For example, uPVC and composite doors will not require as much maintenance as a true timber version.

4) Stable doors provide added light and ventilation

One of the fantastic things about stable doors is the opportunity to provide an influx of natural light into a property. While typically you may be able to have a certain amount of natural light come in through panes of glass, the stable doors can give a full beam thanks to their split design. Coupled with a window installation, the amount of additional light has the possibility to significantly brighten up your South Devon property.

Oak effect thermally efficient composite stable door
White Stable Door

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