Stable Doors in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Composite or uPVC stable doors in Plymouth

Stable doors are the perfect way to allow ventilation and light into your South Devon home without having your door fully open. These doors separate into two sections which can be opened alternately allowing you to have as much light and air as you like. This traditional style fits in well for the kitchen as well as the hallway and can be a great option if you have small children or pets.

Available in both uPVC and composite materials we can provide you with a stable door that will be a superb addition to your home. If you lack ventilation in your kitchen, stable doors are a great way to get some much-needed air while cooking. A kitchen is an ideal space to install a stable door, with the ease of opening half the door for the aforementioned ventilation but still able to keep the home secure with the locking of the bottom half.



White stable door with astragal bars

The most versatile door style

Visually attractive as well as functional, these doors are extremely energy efficient as well as secure. With secure locking mechanisms on both sections, safety is never compromised with a stable door. The unique benefits of uPVC and composite materials will work to give you a high-quality door that protects your home from the cold.

A door style that you may not have considered before, you will be surprised to see how well it can fit in with most homes. If you choose a composite stable door you will get the same efficiency and security benefits of a regular composite door, just with the different opening option.

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An attractive door style that does not compromise on performance

With different design options including woodgrain finishes and decorative glazing, these doors can really make each entrance to your home a memorable one. They add that unique quality that many crave for their home. A range of hardware is available to further add some traditional elements to your door.

Perfect for traditional homes with country kitchens, these can also suit modern properties to bring a sense of the countryside into your home. With all the efficiency and security features of our door styles, stable doors give you the choice to be different.

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Green traditional style stable door with astragal bars

Grey stable door

Stable doors boast superb security features

Due to their design and essentially being split into two, it is understandable that one may question whether they are actually a secure option for a South Devon home. However, our stable doors are fitted with fully adjustable multi-point locking systems which provide a high-security benefit. It also gives the option to be able to lock each part of the stable door, be it one at a time or both.

Often, homeowners will choose to keep the bottom half of the door locked in order to keep children and pets safe. At the same time, having the top half remaining open can provide extra ventilation while ensuring the door as a whole remains secure.

Colour Options

Schwarzbraun black

schwarzbraun black

Rich aubergine

rich aubergine





Irish Oak

irish oak



Peacock blue

peacock blue





Golden sand

golden sand



French grey

french grey

Duck egg blue

duck egg blue





Foiled white

foiled white

Golden oak

golden oak

Chartwell green

chartwell green



Anthracite grey

anthracite grey

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