How do you build a coastal living room? & 3 ideas to open up your home this summer

The coastal-themed design is popular for its laidback and bright looks, and of course, particularly suits homes around the dramatic South West coastlines stretching from Plymouth to Devon and down to Cornwall. You can easily recreate a relaxed and airy coastal concept in your living room by incorporating a few design styles and easy home improvements.

Here are some beautifully calming coastal living room ideas and designs that can help you capture the breezy and sunny vibes of the sea and also how to open up your home:

coastal living room

Coastal theme living room colours schemes

A weathered and faded look is the essence of coastal interiors. Bring the themes of the natural and rugged British seaside into your living room and channel coastal chic with soft furnishings in cool tones like calming whites, washed-out denim, and different shades of blue.

Bright white coastal theme interiors can also be complemented by fiery corals, sunny yellows, turquoise tones, and other summery bold colours. These striking accent colours evoke a sense of a coastal tropical paradise right in the heart of your home. Trying adding pops of colour in the cushions, curtains, or even using a statement rug.

If you wanted to take a more traditional route with your coastal living room design, combining solid tones of red, white, and blue will give you a noticeably nautical style.

If you’re looking to create an ultra-modern coastal themed living room, the new Nordic beach style could be just what you’re looking for. Drawing from Scandinavian modern style, it brings in a light and airy palette full of neutral tones, bohemian accessories, and an overarching sense of minimalism.

Incorporate natural textures into your coastal theme living room

Add rustic coastal charm with natural wood accessories. Driftwood, for example, is a wonderful material to enhance those relaxed seaside vibes. You could choose furniture crafted from driftwood such as a coffee table or shelving, or you could simply place driftwood around your living room as an accessory. Natural fibre rugs, woven lightshade textures, and wicker baskets also add textures that really induce a sense of coastal living.

You could also try positioning fun nautical accessories around your living room, such as a sailing boat in a glass bottle on your window cill, a life ring behind your door, or an arrangement of pebbles and seashells on your mantlepiece to really amplify the coastal theme.

devon coastline
uPVC bi-fold door

How to open up your home this summer

One of the main themes of a coastal style living room is a feeling of bright and airy openness. But why restrict a feeling of openness to just your living room? Here are 3 ways you can open up your home:

Natural lighting and bright interiors are key to coastal themes, but having a light and airy home in general is both stylish and practical. You could consider replacing your current back door with beautiful bifold doors. Bifold doors can open entire walls and create a strong sense of open plan living, allowing natural light to flood in.

Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular at the moment as everyone is recognising the advantages they offer. Due to their slim sightlines, they can allow a huge amount of light into your home. Allowing you to fully open up your space, these doors let you make full use of your garden and are a perfect choice for those who enjoy entertaining. Their unique design has the doors folding up against each other to maximise the amount of air and also nature that you let in. This allows them to reveal up to 90% of their width as open space; the only style of door that can do this. Even if you have a small garden, bifold doors will automatically make it feel larger when combined with your inside space. Add some modernity to your home by installing a bifold door and see the difference it makes to your home.

Use accessories to open your home

Try adding more mirrors to create a sense of space and openness. Mirrors will bounce more light around, give a sense of movement, and visually double the size of your space. You can use floor-length mirrors, mirrored closet doors or hang smaller mirrors on the walls.

Add sheer curtains to your windows instead of heavy curtains. Sheer curtains still give you a measure of privacy without making your home feel totally closed off from the outside world. Sheers also work for homeowners looking to create a coastal sense of style as they will billow gently in the breeze, similar to sails on a ship.

sheer curtains

Let Landmark open up your home

No matter what style you want to create in your home, you can trust Landmark to make your vision a reality when it comes to home improvements. Whatever your requirement, we can provide the right solution to you. Get a quote from our team of experts today.

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