Why are Victorian houses cooler than new houses?

When discussing Victorian houses, the general era is from the 1830s to the early 1900s. Victorian homes have particular characteristics that make them easy to distinguish and are widely considered sought-after family homes.

Older houses with solid walls are much cooler than modern cavity walls as cavity wall insulation plays a big part in retaining our home’s heat. Old homes with floorboards and fireplaces suffer much more from draughts as new houses in the UK have been designed to retain the heat, which includes methods such as concrete floors with a layer of rigid insulation, no chimneys, and have cavity wall insulation. Many other heat retaining techniques are used in new builds to keep modern homes warm.

But how do we keep our modern homes cool with the blazing summers? And how do we keep our period properties warm in winter?

Keeping older homes warm in winter and modern homes cool in summer

It’s a tricky conundrum for us Brits who now suffer extreme summer heat and cold winters; with the energy crisis nipping at our heels, how do we accommodate both weather conditions? Similar precautions can help both problems as insulating properties keep the warmth in and the extreme summer heat out!

New windows and doors can be an investment to maintain consistent temperatures all year round. When it comes to protecting your home, double glazing is an impressive performer!

If installed correctly, double-glazed doors and windows can reduce the rate of heat transfer, ensuring rooms remain cooler or retain heat for longer, depending on the weather. When trying to counter the heat outside, your double-glazing acts as an impenetrable shield, preventing the wall of heat outdoors from entering your interior space.

Double glazing can prevent UV rays from filtering through your home and stop discolouring your home furnishings.  


Other heat proofing and heat retaining home options

Alongside new double glazing, there are a variety of heatproofing measures that can temper the heat outside. Stylish shutters, blinds and trickle vents are popular solutions to allow air to circulate while minimising glare from the sun.

This can help you achieve an adequate balance between ventilation and heat reduction.


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