4 home improvements to do during winter

Winter is well and truly here, so it’s time to batten down the hatches! Making some energy-efficient home improvements, as well as keeping your home damage-free, leakproof, and above all else, warm, is essential. With this in mind, here are some of the most important home improvements to do during the winter months.

Oak composite door

1. Secure your front and back doors

Shockingly, 73% of burglars use doors to enter a property. And with burglaries rising by more than a third between November and February, it’s a crucial time of year to ensure your entrances are all secured. If your doors are not secure, make it a priority to purchase new front and back doors that feature new 5-lever Mortice locks or deadbolts to make it far more difficult to enter with force.

2. Clear your gutters

Check for debris and clean your gutters regularly to prevent blockages, especially as winter brings heavy rain.

rainfall on guttering
Vertical sash windows

3. Draught proof your home

With heat escaping from the property, we tend to turn the heating up which results in a massive increase in our energy bills. So, be sure to check that all the seals around the windows are intact and repair any cracks or holes in the walls. If your window frames or glazing is beyond repair, upgrading single glazing to double glazing is worth its weight in gold! It’s also a good idea to purchase or fashion your own draught excluders to keep rooms warm and toasty all winter long.


4. Maintain the Exterior of the Property

If your property is exposed to the wind, torrential downpours can result in winter rain driving deep into the masonry, which could cause damp. Looking after the exterior of the property by regularly checking for gaps around the windows, examining for broken guttering, and checking the roof for damage, will prevent water infiltrating the plaster and brickwork.

Grey uPVC casement windows and patio door balcony

Upgrade your Plymouth home with high-performance windows & doors

Able to considerably reduce energy bills and increase comfort tenfold, improving your home’s thermal efficiency will add value and make it more attractive to future buyers too. From premium front door replacements to full property makeovers, contact us today to begin the exciting journey towards your forever home with a local double glazing company that truly cares.