Stable doors aren’t just for barns – inventive ways to use them in your home

The underestimated door

Stable doors are double hung doors that became popular in the seventeenth century across the Netherlands. Due to their versatile function and attractive look, they quickly spread across Europe. Originally used to keep animals out of farmhouses, they are an exceptionally attractive and useful style of door. The beauty of these doors is that you can open up the door sections separately, so you can let light and air in without fully opening the door.

Add a charming traditional feel

Stable doors look perfect in country and traditional homes. Especially when a woodgrain finish is used to capture the essence of a traditional timber door. They are a common sight in thatched cottages and add to that feel of days gone by. With authentic hardware and traditional colours like soft pastel blues and greens, you can create a charming feel. Even if you have a modern home.

Green traditional style stable door with astragal bars

An adaptable door for every home

Stable doors are a versatile and functional door that lets air flow around your home without having to fully open it. Perfect for the summer months when you need a cooling breeze. Natural light can fill your home too but small children and pets are kept securely inside.

Create that heritage look

If you’re trying to create a country cottage kitchen, a stable door could be used internally to separate it from the rest of the house. This would prevent pets and small children getting in the way when cooking. This could also be used as a device to separate the modern and traditional parts of your home. Walk the through the stable door and be transported back in time.

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The best stable doors in the South West

Our stable doors are available as both uPVC or composite doors. uPVC offers an affordable and durable option. A composite stable door has the authentic timber look that works perfectly with this style. Even though they have a versatile opening configuration, your security is never compromised. With effective locks as well as high levels of insulation, your stable door will keep your home protected from intrusion and the elements. We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from including sophisticated Anthracite Grey and stunning Peacock Blue. You could add decorative glass to add the perfect finishing touch to these beautiful doors.

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White stable doors in Cornwall with astragal bars