What size opening do you need for bifold doors?

Bifold doors are one of the most popular modern back doors throughout Devon and the UK. They are a versatile exterior door option and are available in a host of different size configurations.

In terms of what is typically recommended, the smallest opening for a bifold door is 1400mm. To effectively achieve such a small opening, two individual panels would be utilised, each at a width of 70mm.

A single door leaf can have a maximum width of up to 50 inches, while the maximum height generally falls just under 100 inches and can be up to around 145 inches. A popular choice, a three-door set of bifolds can range up to 96 inches in both width and height.


What are the different opening sizes for bifold doors?

The required size opening will generally be dependent on what configuration you decided upon along with the panel sizes. With regards to configurations, there is a number to choose from. The opening direction is one factor to consider, be it all opening to one side or a split on either side.

That will also relate to whether the doors will open inwards or outwards. Typically, this will depend on the space you have available in your home. Three-panel doors are often the most popular and there are options to have as many as eight to really maximise the amount of natural light, though incredibly there is scope to have more than that.

In terms of the minimum amount of width available for a bifold door, you would typically look at the minimum width of both one door panel and one full door set. The door panel width is dependent on which configuration is chosen, as well as the number of panels. With configurations made up of even numbers, the minimum panel width is roughly 28 inches. In terms of configurations with an odd number of panels, the minimum width would be around 16 inches.

The three-door set is often one of the more popular options available, with two leaves and a ‘lead’ door helping to provide easier access and general functionality. The minimum width for a typical three-door bifold set would be somewhere between 45 and 55 inches.

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Are bifold doors a good idea?

If you want some extra space or to flood your home with natural light, then you could certainly do worse than a set of bifold doors. They are a fantastic back door choice, providing suitability all year round and allowing Plymouth homeowners to enjoy the outside no matter the weather.

Access to such external views is generated by the large amount of glass that is used in the design. While this could be seen as a potential security risk, bifold doors are one of the most secure options available. Our bifold doors from Origin lay claim to a host of security features such as high-security locks, hinges and frames. There are also multi-point locking systems in place which provide a considerably enhanced level of security.

Bifold doors can even potentially add to the value of your Plymouth property, thanks in part to their sleek aesthetics and ability to open up a home. The versatile nature of bifold doors allows them to create larger openings than other exterior doors, while also generating stunning links from inside to out. The aforementioned security features also help in terms of enhancing a house.

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