3 reasons why you should choose aluminium windows for your Plymouth home

As 2018 drew to a close, there was pleasing news awaiting Plymouth homeowners – with Devon house prices rising much faster than the national average. Encouragingly, with an average county-wide property price standing at £262,209, for Plymouth, this translates as a promising 3.1% rise. Rightmove statistics also indicate that sold prices in Plymouth are up 8% compared to stats from 2016.

Most of us will be aware of how aesthetically pleasing, contemporary and enlightening the minimalist lines of aluminium windows are, but what else is there to learn about them? Whether you’re looking to boost your Plymouth property value further or simply give your home a new lease of life this year, allow us to offer 3 reasons why you should consider aluminium windows for your project.


1. Aluminium windows Plymouth are thermally superior to uPVC frames

Thanks to advances in glazing technology, the aluminium windows of today actively prevent excessive energy loss thanks to their thermally broken frames. This term might sound bad, but thermally broken frames have actually played a pivotal role in their swift transformation into one of the most thermally efficient windows and door frames currently available. Quite simply, the newest aluminium window frames are manufactured with a non-conductive barrier in between the inside and outside of the window. And although uPVC is a good insulator for window frames, aluminium is better because uPVC bars are lined with steel which lowers their thermal performance. Glass is also an excellent insulator; therefore, the combination of thermally broken aluminium window frames, low U-values of 1.5 and ‘A’ rated double or triple glazing provides the winning combination for energy-conscious homeowners across Plymouth and beyond.

2. Aluminium windows are 100% planet friendly

Lightweight and precise, aluminium is well known for its incredible sustainable qualities too. As the third most prominent element in the world, although it takes a lot of energy to produce raw aluminium, impressively it takes up to 95% less energy to recycle it. And, believe it or not, around 75% of all the aluminium that’s ever been produced is still in use in some way to this day; which is a real testament to just how recyclable this marvellous metal is.

Aluminium windows 1 min
Grey aluminium bespoke casement window

3. Aluminium windows offer unyielding stability

Ideal for Plymouth coastal properties, thanks to their rust and corrosion resistant qualities, aluminium windows won’t experience the expansion or contraction issues that uPVC and timber windows can suffer from via temperature fluctuations. Much more low maintenance than many Plymouth homeowners believe, aluminium windows don’t require painting or staining to remain weatherproof and they won’t rot, peel or flake either.

Embrace enticing minimalist style with aluminium windows Plymouth

A chic and more cost-effective alternative to timber windows, with 37 colour finishes to choose from, aluminium windows from Landmark Windows Systems never fail to impress. Get a comprehensive quote or contact us to discuss your Plymouth home improvement options at greater length. Specific areas we serve include Plymouth, Exeter, Okehampton, Launceston, Kingsbridge, Looe, Wembury, Salcombe, Noss Mayo, Paignton and Torquay.