The best colour for your door and windows (and what it says about you)

We all take great care when choosing a paint colour for the inside of our homes. It is a process that can often involve multiple tester pots in order to find the perfect shade. The colour you pick not only makes a huge difference to the look of the room, but there’s also an underlying meaning to the colours we pick.

However, there aren’t tester pots for door and window frame colours, so making the right choice is one that takes careful thought and consideration. There are countless materials, styles and colours to pick from, so we’ve prepared a guide to choose the best colour for your home improvement. In this guide, we’ll take you through black, green, white, grey and wood/timber effect colours.

Black cat


The timeless classic and most people’s favourite go-to colour, black is a neutral colour that oozes sophistication.

Besides being one of the most popular door colours for many years, black is also the colour of arguably one of the most famous doors in the world – 10 Downing Street in London. The dark shade is a versatile colour that equally complements traditional and modern properties.

Black aluminium windows

Aluminium itself is a strong and sturdy material with a sleek and modern appearance. Both aluminium and the colour black share versatility as an attribute, and their combination is ideal for traditional and modern homes alike.

Black windows have a bold look, especially when combined with the slim sightlines of aluminium. The contrast with white gives the home a unique and visually pleasing appearance.

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Black Aluminium windows
Black bifold door

Black bifold doors

In theory, the colour black and bifold doors shouldn’t be a good match. Bifold doors are well-known for their ability to allow natural light to pour into a room, whereas black is the colour of darkness.

However, when the two are combined, their opposing characteristics become complementary. The slim profiles of black aluminium bifold doors give the room an impressive and stylish look.

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A true symbol of nature, green is synonymous with abundance, hope and good luck. It is also regarded as a soothing, quiet and calm colour.

It’s also a colour with a wide spectrum, with light and dark tones providing a very different canvas to work around. Choosing a door or window in this colour could leave your neighbours green with envy!

Green leaves hues

Chartwell green windows

Chartwell Green is a striking yet subtle hue. The colour can offer a light air of countryside charm that can complement any Plymouth home.

Casement windows are the most popular style in British homes and provide the home with an abundance of light while allowing for ample ventilation.

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Chartwell green composite door

Whether you’re after a vintage look or something more contemporary, Chartwell Green is as adaptable as the composite door it covers.

Composite doors are known for being one of the most secure doors on the market, fitted with the most advanced locking system available and are approved by the police-backed initiative Secured by Design.

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Chartwell green composite door with curved glass window and double side panels
White brick wall


A fresh, clean and pure colour, white has long been a beloved choice for most facets of home improvement.

Despite evoking a sense of modernity, white can complement properties of any age or style. White can often help to make smaller spaces appear larger, making it a great choice for a home’s interior.

White aluminium windows

Giving the home a fresh and classic appearance, white truly is a timeless choice. It accentuates the appearance of the rest of the home, making it a long-time favourite accent colour for brick homes.

As well as being energy efficient, aluminium windows also benefit from being fully recyclable, making them one of the more environmentally friendly materials.

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White uPVC entrance

White uPVC door

The colour of a blank canvas, a uPVC entrance door in white gives you the chance to bring out the other features of the door.

Hand select your finishes, such as handles, and patterned glass to design a striking creation that is sure to grab attention. uPVC is a reliable material making it a great choice for an entrance door.

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A major benefit when it comes to grey windows and doors is that it’s a colour of compromise. It’s another excellent example of with a stunning and broad spectrum.

Its darker shades offer an air of mystery and drama, with its lighter hues being more illuminating and livelier. Grey’s colour psychology is believed to stir perceptions of security and a feeling of composure.

Grey clouds
Grey aluminium door with glass panels

Dark grey front door

One of the aforementioned dramatic darker grey hues, Airforce Grey is a popular shade of the neutral colour.

The door’s colour gives it, and the home in general, a sophisticated appeal that is guaranteed to impress. And while the colour plays a large part in this aluminium door’s overall look, personalising it with glazed sections brings the look together.

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Dark grey bifold door

Anthracite Grey is a versatile and contemporary colour, that goes perfectly with our bifold doors. The shade can be paired with a range of outdoor accessories to take your garden to the next level.

Bifold doors are an effective way to welcome more natural light into the room, allowing you to completely open your space and blurring the lines between the home’s interior and exterior.

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Wood effect

Wood or timber effect

The colour brown is said to summon thoughts of companionship and cosiness, but there is nothing more natural than a wood effect colour.

The foil mimics real timber, giving you a beautiful and organic aesthetic. Ideal for countryside properties, timber effect colours take inspiration directly from nature to harmonise your home perfectly with its surroundings.

Golden Oak composite front door

Composite doors optimise wood’s natural benefits to make it easier to maintain and more thermally efficient. Our composite doors are crafted with a Solid Timber Core for thermal efficiency and can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life, making them as sustainable as the real deal.

Golden Oak isn’t the only wood effect colour to choose from. With additional choices of Rosewood, Walnut and Irish Oak, there’s guaranteed to be a shade that will match your home.

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Oak colour composite door with traditional style handle and letterbox
oak upvc flush sash

Woodgrain effect uPVC windows

Wood effect uPVC windows, especially this English Oak example, are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They give you the natural look of timber, without the price tag or maintenance requirements of wood.

Our windows are manufactured to replicate 19th-century timber windows and are designed with period properties and conservation areas in mind. This authenticity means that they regularly gain approval from local authorities in listed buildings and conservation areas.

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