5 ways to make the most out of your home’s space during lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has drastically affected each and every one of our lives in some wayAs a country, we are all having to do our bit to contain the spread of this deadly virus. However, some of this is far from easy. Are you finding your home too small; do you feel it is bursting at the seams?  If so, these 5 invaluable tips will help you make the most out of your home’s space during lockdown and beyond.

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You don’t need a big room to have a daily workout

If you are low on space, either inside an out, it’s really easy to make any space a mini gym. You don’t need a big floor space to do press ups, simply do them against the wall. Likewise, the equivalent of sit ups can be done in your chair, by slowly pulling your abdomen in and releasing gently. To get the heart rate going, run up and down the stairs. If that sounds too noisy, squat jumps will do the job just as well. However, the best workouts can be had by simply having a good old clean up! Vigorous vacuuming, changing the sheets, and dusting high and low will effectively burn those calories and make your home sparkle!

Create family-friendly zones

Are you struggling with the space in your home and don’t know how you’re still going to get essential work done? If space is really limited, why not try to create zones? Dedicated areas for work, play and relaxing, with strict rules in place, will help you manage your space. At school, students are used to not going up to the teacher’s desk without good reason, so if you put the same measures in place at home it will definitely help. Make sure you allow 5 minutes down time every hour to spend time together and allow freedom of movement.

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Have a good old tidy up!

If your home is working at full capacity, it might be time to have a thorough Spring clean. Go through each room in your home and see what’s no longer needed or used. If you can, (closely following the latest rules on social distancing, of course) why not place items in good condition outside with a note saying, “Help Yourself”? You never know, your unwanted toys could help another family get through COVID-19! Make use of any available storage space in your home, e.g. if your cupboards are crammed full of items, take them out and re-organise them; you’ll be amazed at how much extra space this creates. And if you have space in your loft or garage eaves, why not store unessential items there too?

Make a corner of your home a happy space

There’s no doubt that everyone is affected by current events and many of us are finding it hard. Bring a much-needed smile into your home, by creating a dedicated ‘happiness area’. Fill it with colourful drawings, family photos, brightly coloured flowers – any thing that will make you smile. Take time to visit this space alone or with others in your household and make exciting plans for your future. The power of positivity goes a long way.

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Double glazed installations in Devon & Cornwall from a company you can trust

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