What are the changes to Part F?

As of June 2022, there will be changes put into effect with regards to updated Building Regulations. Three Approved Documents have been either changed or introduced. Approved Document F places a strong improvement on ventilation, while Approved Document L is aimed at improving energy efficiency in the form of fuel and power.

A new addition to the Building Regulations has been introduced in the form of Approved Document O. This new part of the Building Regulations has been created to help reduce the risk of overheating in new homes.

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What are the main changes to the Building Regulations for 2022?

The changes to Part F of the Building Regulations are based around improving ventilation in homes. Part of the changes include the introduction of trickle vents as a standard feature in almost all windows. Background trickle ventilators are recommended to be installed in all replacement windows in non-domestic buildings. There will also be a requirement for C02 monitors to be installed in offices.

There is a strong focus on energy efficiency with the changes made to Part L of the Building Regulations. New non-domestic buildings such as offices and shops will require a 27% cut on emissions, while new homes will have a 30% cut. Compliance with Part L will be partially assessed by a new metric that looks at measuring energy efficiency. The metric, named ‘primary energy’, looks to combine CO2 metrics in order to calculate compliance. These calculations use a range of factors to produce an end result, including the efficiency of the building’s heating system and the energy used to produce fuel and deliver it to the building.

The new addition to the Building Regulations is Part O, which is based on the overheating of buildings. All new residential buildings, from homes to student accommodation, will adhere to the new regulations by ensuring that the design aims to reduce overheating. The compliance with Part O is centred around looking to removing excess heat and minimising solar gain.

Why are trickle vents important?

Trickle vents are a small feature fitted on a window or a door that help to provide a small amount of ventilation. A subtle addition to a home, trickle vents can help to reduce issues caused by poor ventilation. Condensation and mould are two examples of the potential result of poor ventilation, with each able to be minimised through the use of trickle vents.

Not only can they help to keep the air in your home fresh, but they are also useful when it comes to security benefits. They can provide your house with effective ventilation when you are out. Of course, they are not the best option for improving your home’s ventilation, as they are used as ‘background’ ventilation.

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Why are the changes to the Building Regulations coming in?

The changes, due to come into effect on June 15th, will affect both new and existing homes. The impending Future Homes Standard, set to be introduced in 2025, is seen as big factor in the new and updated regulations. The Future Homes Standard is something that will be put in place alongside Building Regulations to ensure that new homes built from 2025 onwards will produce less carbon emissions.

The target is to produce 75-80% less than properties presently do under current regulations. With the built environment contributing a significant portion of UK greenhouse gas emissions, the Standard has been designed to bring the levels down. As well as looking to decrease emissions, there is hope that the new regulations will also help in the battle against climate change and work towards the net-zero target set for 2050.

How will changes to Building Regulations affect homes throughout Devon?

A lot of the changes are focused on new builds, with a significant look to the future. There are a lot of factors to consider in terms of new builds, with the cut in emissions and new energy efficiency metrics. For existing and new homes, there will be a requirement for new or replacement heating system designs to be able to incorporate and accept low carbon heating.

With the move towards the Future Homes Standard in 2025, there will likely be more changes and additions to the Building Regulations in the coming years. Broadly, the effects that the changes to the Building Regulations will have are related to improving energy efficiency and general welfare safety and health of homeowners and occupants.

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