4 home trend predictions for 2022

2021 has seen another period of uncertainty throughout alongside the more promising steps towards some sort of normality. Home improvements have again been a popular avenue for UK homeowners to spend their money on this year. There were a number of trends throughout the past 12 months, but what about 2022?

Here are some notable trends that could see an increased continuation into the new year.

dulux of the year bright skies

1) Soothing colourways for interior design

2021’s colour trends generally centred around neutral shades with warming hues, with 2022 potentially looking at being a year of paler, softer options. For example, Dulux’s ‘colour of the year’ is a light shade of blue called ‘Bright Skies’ [pictured]. The colour is described as being ‘light, airy and optimistic’ which are an ideal combination as we head into 2022.

The trend towards lighter and more refreshing shades can be pointed at a chance to bring a feeling of peace and tranquillity into any property. The increase in natural choices throughout the home marries perfectly with these upcoming tranquil and cheerful tints.

2) Dual colour windows and doors

It may not be enough for you to have just the one colour adorning your window or door frames. The dual colour options have started to become increasingly popular and there is a good reason why. Getting the right combination can lead to a unique aesthetic for your home. With dual colour doors and windows, you can maintain both the exterior and interior of the property without compromising the look of either. For instance, you can choose a colour to match your living room, while also being able to match up the exterior of your house on the outside.

3) Sustainability and natural resources

As the world keeps up with the ‘go green’ venture, the ideas and trends for homes in the UK all continue to align with that sentiment. Self-build ‘eco homes’ are beginning to increase in popularity, while the growing use of sustainable materials is also ever-increasing. Energy-efficient products are becoming increasingly more available, along with products made from recycled or biodegradable elements.

4) The prioritisation of kerb appeal

Kerb appeal has been an important factor for UK homeowners and that trend is likely to continue in 2022. The additions of extra living spaces such as glazed extensions and garage conversions are something that can add a great amount of value to a property. That, coupled with splashes of fresh colours being added to features such as exterior walls, front doors and decking, means that there will be a focus on improving the exterior of a property.

Grey uPVC casement windows and patio door balcony
Bi-fold door internal view of extension - bifold doors

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