Looking for upvc windows or doors in Plymouth? Choose a local business like us for these top reasons

Why do Plymouth homeowners pick our uPVC renovation products above others? Let’s countdown the top 3 reasons:

uPVC windows and doors have always been a popular choice for Plymouth homeowners, partially due to their budget-friendliness followed closely by their high-performing energy efficient qualities. Following years of developments across the uPVC window and door industry, uPVC products are now available in a vast range of colours and high-quality finishes that homeowners could only dream about when uPVC first came about. So, it’s unsurprising that over 85% of new and replacement window projects utilize uPVC, usually replacing timber framed windows.

White uPVC Flush Sash

1. Quality

High-quality and exceptional performance is the number one reason why uPVC is so popular and the same goes for local businesses like us. Not only do our uPVC windows & doors surpass industry standards, the same can be said for our dedication to high quality customer service; delivering exceptional results each and every time.

2. Local economy

Many of our customers value the importance of using dependable local businesses, as it helps to strengthen and grow Plymouth’s local economy. Committed to providing the good people of Plymouth with the most durable products possible, it’s a fact that top-quality uPVC will not warp, rust or rot. Non-corrosive and exceptionally weathertight, it effectively resists damp and cold too. Look for trustworthy and ethical traits in local double-glazing installers (like us!) and you won’t go wrong!

3. Regional knowledge

At Landmark Window System, we pride ourselves on our regional expertise and so do our customers. Plymouth’s biggest contributors to climate change are from road transport, heating and powering homes. Therefore, efficient windows and doors are paramount to reducing our local carbon footprint. This very real issue affects everyone in Plymouth, so the more we can do to conserve energy the better! We can all contribute to improving Plymouth together and as one of the most unique and diverse natural environments of any city across Britain, we have a collective responsibility to continue to preserve our beautiful city for many, many generations to come.

Not only do uPVC frames protect against salt erosion, a common occurrence in Plymouth, they’re the most energy-efficient frame type around. Dispelling the myth that uPVC is not recyclable, you’ll be pleased to know that it can be recycled relatively straightforwardly.

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If you’re looking for uPVC windows or doors in Plymouth, get in touch with Landmark Window Systems for the finest uPVC home improvements the South West has to offer.

White uPVC entrance door with decorative glass