Why every property developer needs to do their research before choosing a window/door installer

Planning a development

Whether you are an experienced property developer or just starting out in the property development industry there are a lot of things to consider. Do your research about the area and what a renovated property may sell for, ensure finances are in place and know what Building Regulations you need to follow. For a bigger project you might also have to get a specialist team: a thorough quantity surveyor, an innovative and creative architect, a sound structural engineer and a ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ estate agent to sell the property to the right buyer.

Which installer?

So, you have everything covered. Right? What about your finishing touches? The things that make a development look fantastic rather than just OK? Researching and having the right windows and doors is just as important as everything else you have done. You could have the best development in the area but if you have the wrong windows and doors, it could impact on profit margins. If you renovate to a high standard and take pride in every project you understand the need to use the best quality products. After all, a better finish could mean a bigger return on your investment.

Manor Bourne project where we installed new double glazing throughout

Advantages of researching the market

So, do you get a large national installer on board or do you look at hiring an established local installer? Larger national companies may have a wide range of products and the experience of installing a lot of windows and doors, but they may also be expensive and have some quite hard sales tactics with long lead times. On the other hand, smaller independent installers would be able to offer a higher quality product sometimes for cheaper prices. They will be able to provide a more personal service using their vast knowledge of the local housing market and construction industry and offer the right solution that is better suited to a property developer’s needs.

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The power of local

Using local firms can be a masterstroke for your property development. Researching into the right local window and door installer has its advantages and can save money and time.

If you are starting a new property development project and want a quality installer why not get in touch with us at Landmark Window Systems. We can provide the best products to suit your needs. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and use our extensive local knowledge, so you can get the best from your development.

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