The benefits of installing PVC windows and doors in Devon

uPVC windows and doors are ideal for every Devon home thanks to their inherent flexibility, affordability, and the litany of other key benefits they bring. Sure, the material might have been used in a range of home improvement projects for decades – but there’s a good reason for that. Depending on your needs Devon uPVC windows and doors installed by the team here at Landmark Windows are able to ensure your home stays fighting fit and comfortable for years to come.  

In this blog we’ll be running through all the benefits of installing uPVC windows and doors in Devon, helping you make the right decision of how best to improve your home. With almost 20 years of experience in the area, you can trust our expertise when it comes to uPVC in all forms and styles.  

Vertical sliding sash windows in white

Devon uPVC windows and doors that are low maintenance and affordable

When compared to other material options like timber and aluminium and timber, windows and doors engineered in low maintenance uPVC are extremely cost-effective. In the past this wrongly meant labelling uPVC windows and doors as “cheap”, but the truth is that they are able to deliver a similar performance and level of comfort as other home improvement options. If you are seeking to upgrade your household on a budget, or even if you’re not, don’t discount uPVC because it is highly affordable for the benefits it brings.  

In a similar vein, uPVC windows and doors won’t waste your time when installed in your Devon home. Whereas timber windows may require sanding and varnishing on a regular basis in order to stay looking good as the day they were installed, uPVC frames last up to 20-30 years without the need to be tended to. It’s a material that’s extremely low maintenance, meaning you can spend less time looking after your attractive uPVC windows and doors and more time enjoying them.  

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Industry-leading energy performance and security levels

What good are windows and doors that look good if they can’t keep the home warm, right? Fortunately, uPVC has advance a lot in the time since it was first introduced to the home improvement market decades how, integrating new technologies like triple and secondary glazing to perform better at retaining heat in the home. Casement uPVC widows (as the most popular window style) are a perfect example, featuring strongly tightened seals around each frame to help lock in heat and deliver U-value levels well below the recommended requirement. Improved energy efficiency means less reliance on central heating, too, so you’ll be lowering your energy bills.  

By way of security, uPVC windows and doors installed by the team here at Landmark Windows also achieve impressive results. The necessary hardware is smartly hidden aware from view within the frame, giving any potential intruders a tougher time when trying to break them. It also ensures that the aesthetic kerb appeal is never disrupted. And for complete peace of mind that your home is fully protected, all of our uPVC windows and doors are backed by the police initiative Secured by Design.  

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Various styles thanks to uPVC’s inherent flexibility

Regardless of how ambitious or specific your uPVC window and door desires, homeowners can rest comfortably knowing that the material is inherently flexible. This means it can be crafted to suit almost every size and shape within a range of beloved styles. Of course, everyone’s home is different, and therefore the age or aesthetic of the property may directly influence which style and colour you go with. Here’s a brief look at what’s on offer:   

uPVC window styles in Devon

Casement windows  

Flush sash windows  

Sliding sash windows  

Timber effect windows  

uPVC Door styles in Devon

Entrance door  

Stable door  

Sliding patio door  

Bifold door  

Although the image of uPVC windows and doors in your mind might be of standard white, the material has evolved greatly over the decades to offer a range of stylish colours. Timber effect, for instance, lets you achieve the woodgrain look without having to worry about the usual upkeep or varnishing necessary with true timber. Then in terms of uPVC entrance doors, we’re proud to offer a stylish selection of shades that range from Chartwell Green to Brilliant Blue. Loud or subtle, vibrant or underplayed, uPVC windows and doors can be fully customised, unlike any other material.  

uPVC windows and doors catered to your Devon home needs  

Hopefully, that’s helped to provide you with a better idea of why uPVC windows and doors should always be considered for your Devon home. Despite the material’s comparative affordability, it still offers great value and performance that is largely unmatched. To discuss more about your specific ideas, get in touch with a member of the Landmark Windows team today. 

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