6 home improvement products to transform your home in 2023

Although the UK economy is still far from stable, one piece of positive news is that the housing market is continuing to grow, with prices rising as much as £3,000 in one month.  

Good news for sellers, perhaps, but interest rates are still high and inflation continues to creep upwards – which isn’t great for prospective buyers.  

Interestingly, a recent survey found that 77% of UK homeowners have spent money on home improvement in 2021, with an average cost of renovations around £1,500.   

If you’re not ready to move but would like to bring some Spring freshness to your home, here are six ways you can do it:   


Georgian style casement window in white uPVC

Upgrade to modern energy-efficient windows 

Opening up your home to natural light is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of upgrading your property. Natural light will make any room look and feel airier, brighter and more welcoming, helping to maximise the sense of space. If you have older or smaller windows, now is the time to consider upgrading to something more modern and energy efficient that complements your home’s age and style. Landmark Window Systems has a range of superb new windows, ranging from classic casements to stylish sliding sashes, available in both practical uPVC and sleek aluminium making them ideal improvement projects for most Devon and Cornwall homes. All our windows boast excellent energy efficiency, high security and great looks.  

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Install a new secure and stylish front door  

The common-or-garden front door actually says an awful lot about the people who live behind and, perhaps, about how they live. If you’ve one eye on selling your house when the time is right, or you just want a change of image, either sprucing up your existing exterior doors with a coat of paint or replacing it altogether could be the perfect home improvement project for you. 

A new door will not just breathe life into a property, it will also improve efficiency to help you save on energy costs and increase levels of security too. We have an extensive range of entrance, bi-fold and patio doors in a variety of materials and colours to suit all tastes, and our extensive experience in the local market helps us understand what upgrades are on-trend and offer the best value.  

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Build a garden room  

Think of a garden as another room of your living space. Yes, it might be outside and open to the elements, but in Devon and Cornwall, we’re lucky to get a good few days of sunshine during which we can enjoy our outdoor spaces. Even those who don’t possess ‘green fingers’ can make a big difference by simply keeping the garden tidy and visually appealing via plants, flowers and garden furniture. If you really want to break down the barrier between home and garden, perhaps consider having bifold doors fitted. Their slim sightlines mean they can let a large amount of natural light into your home as well as allow you to make full use of your garden.  

Add a home office 

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic has been the rise in working from home (WFH). This was a creeping trend before Covid; now, WFH flexibility is built into many workplaces. If you’re working from home and you’re outgrowing the spare bedroom, one of the best home upgrades is to think about creating a space – an extension, conservatory or garden room – in which you can work and use for leisure purposes. Our range of sliding patio doors will give you all the natural light you need while working while ensuring that your space doesn’t feel enclosed. And having a great view of your garden can really help your creativity!  

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New windows by Landmark.
Timber effect

Go for the classic look  

One of 2023’s emerging home improvement trends is a blend of the traditional and modern to create a classic look with 21st-century technology. If you have single-glazed windows or older uPVC types, now might be the time to replace them with timber effect windows that have all the great looks of wood with none of the drawbacks. Also, some period properties and traditional homes look their best with timber, and because modern uPVC windows can be indistinguishable from the real thing, they’re the perfect fit for properties old and new. 

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DIY is great – professional is even better!  

Doing your own home renovations can be a lot of fun – until all the technical stuff kicks in. Brave homeowners might seek advice from YouTube and have a go themselves, but when it comes to the tricky areas it’s much better to call in the professionals.  

Landmark Window Systems is a family firm that places quality at the heart of everything we do. We have spent many years getting to know and understand our customers’ needs, and we thrive on giving them just what they want and expect in terms of quality, workmanship and good old-fashioned customer service.  

For more information or a free quote contact us or call 01752 283 834, we’d love to hear from you!  




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