How good are aluminium bifold doors?

As a back door option, there are few more popular throughout Devon than bifold doors. There is a range of materials that are used in the designs for bifold doors, such as uPVC and aluminium. Both offer great choices for homeowners looking for an aesthetic yet functional back door option for their property.

Aluminium, in particular, is a fantastic choice when it comes to choosing a material for bifold doors. The innate strength of aluminium means that it can support a considerable amount more glazing, meaning better views and more natural light.

Grey aluminium bifold doors

What are the benefits of aluminium bifold doors?

One of the key benefits of bifold doors, in general, is the increase in natural light that they allow into a property. With aluminium bifold doors, that is amplified. This is because the natural strength of aluminium means that it can hold a considerable amount more glass panes. As a result, slim sightlines are achieved along with more glazing, in turn allowing more light to beam in.

On a related note, aluminium is an extremely durable material. It can withstand the elements and reduce issues such as rusting, warping and bending. As well as its durable and secure properties, aluminium can also bring some top aesthetics to bifold doors. The aforementioned slim sightlines provided by the aluminium designs are ideal for modern properties, giving a sleek finish to any home. They are even able to fit in with a more traditional look too.

What size opening do you need for bifold doors?

Are aluminium bifold doors better than uPVC doors?

Both aluminium and uPVC provide a host of benefits when it comes to bifold doors. There are, though, some aspects that aluminium provides that are superior to uPVC.

  • Durability – as mentioned previously, aluminium is a very durable material. While uPVC as a material has improved in this sense in previous years, it is still not a match to the natural durability offered by aluminium. Aluminium can withstand the elements better than uPVC, with the latter sometimes being prone to slight damage.
  • Aesthetics and views – uPVC bifold doors will typically require wider frames and are also only often able to offer smaller panes of glass. Due to its inherent strength, aluminium is able to offer near-unmatched views thanks to the amount of glazing that it can fit within a design.
  • Value for money –  while uPVC is naturally the more budget-friendly option, aluminium bifold doors do offer great value for money. They may have a higher cost overall, but aluminium is built to last and provides a huge range of benefits that will continue to be an asset for decades.
Aluminium or uPVC bifold doors?
Aluminium bifold door
Aluminium bifold

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