Top 5 ways that you can prevent condensation on windows

With the UK temperate dropping to the minus numbers outside, dark skies creeping in around 5pm, and snow falling all around us, have you recently noticed condensation forming?

If the answer is yes to this question, then worry not – that was the answer a lot of our customers gave too!

So here are our top 5 tips for preventing condensation from getting worse. Although ultimately it’s worth replacing your windows because condensation is a sign that the glazing unit has failed, here are some ideas to try first.


blue saucepans on stove

Have you noticed condensation forming on your current windows whilst you are cooking a delicious homecooked meal for your family?

Has your child been able to write ‘hello’ with their finger on the window (we were all guilty of doing this as a child, weren’t we)? Or has the humidity of your kitchen when cooking felt like a sauna?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”. Then we have the most simplistic – and free! – solution to help you solve your condensation problems.

It is simple: put your lids on your saucepans when cooking, put your kitchen extractor fan on and close the kitchen door to prevent any moisture from spreading into other rooms of your home.

Such a simple action reduces excessive moisture in the air, reduces your carbon footprint as you’re using electricity in a more efficient way and, reduces the time that you spend in the kitchen as your food will cook in a shorter period of time. A winner all round we would say, wouldn’t you?

Perhaps a more expensive solution, a dehumidifier is a great investment for everyone

Not only does it suck all the moisture out of the air like a hoover, but it also goes wonderfully well when propped on the windowsill next to your indoor plants too! The perfect solution.

Buying a dehumidifier, although perhaps costly to both purchase and run, pay dividends in the long term and has a strong range of benefits.

Predominantly known for trapping the condensation and preventing it from spreading around your living environment, dehumidifiers also help to reduce humidity, condensation, and chances of mould, ultimately reducing any damage to your walls and perhaps in the more extreme cases, structural damage.

vertical sliding window open with plant pots on the windowsill

It is time to replace your windows?

We all know that condensation can be a problem caused by reducing excessive moisture in the air, however, sometimes condensation is a sure sign that your windows have passed their shelf life and need replacing.

Did you know that uPVC windows have an estimated life of around 25 years, with aluminium windows having a shelf life os upwards of 30 years? Changing your windows often can prevent condensation from forming.

We offer a wide range of stylish, energy-efficient, and secure windows to improve your home. Whether opting for a traditional aesthetic with vertical sliding windows or the modern look of aluminium windows, Landmark Windows has the perfect product for your home and personal taste.

Do you put your wet clothes on the radiator to dry?

Or perhaps hang them on your clothes horse and put them in front of an open fire? Did you answer “yes” to these questions?

Although we all love the thought of putting on warm clothes that have been on the radiator or in front of the fire – it makes us feel so cosy! – did you know that doing this is one of the biggest causes, if not the, biggest cause of condensation, and prevents efficient circulation of heat too?

The moisture from your clothes is simply being released into the air, increasing the humidity in your living environment by a large percentage and, increasing the chances of condensation forming. It is a bad habit that we all need to break!

To prevent condensation damage, dry wash outside wherever possible. If you need to dry it inside, we suggest you put it in your tumble dryer, or if not available, put your wet clothes on hangers in the washing room; keeping the extractor fan running and ensuring that it is pushing any excess moisture outside to escape.

towels drying outside on the washing line
bathroom window

We all shower daily, but do we always push the bathroom windows open when doing so?

The answer to this question should be “yes”! We all love to unwind with a long soak in the bath at the end of a busy day, but did you know that if your bathroom is not ventilated properly, those long soaks of yours could be doing more harm than good?

By simply pushing your bathroom windows open, this creates a free flow, encouraging the air to circulate around the room with ease, preventing any condensation from happening.

“But how can I air out a bathroom without windows?”. This is an easy question to answer.

The solution: purchase a dehumidifier.

Circling back to number two, a dehumidifier helps to trap condensation, preventing it from spreading around the rooms – a priceless functionality, especially with windowless rooms!

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