How to cool down a conservatory – our list of 7 expert tips!

Conservatories are a great way to extend your home. Affordable and hassle-free, with a glazed extension, you’ll soon be enjoying a bigger living environment and benefitting from an enhanced standard of living.

If you already have a conservatory installed at your home, it may have been erected a long time ago and no longer provides the adequate performance which you expect. Perhaps it becomes far too hot during the summer to make it almost unusable.

If your conservatory is akin to a greenhouse as soon as the sun comes out, there are several solutions. Here are some expert tips for you to help cool down your conservatory.

Glazed oranger with casement windows and French doors

1) Glass roof replacement

Older conservatories were often fitted with polycarbonate roofs. These roofs do not offer the required performance of a modern conservatory roof and will play a big part in your conservatory overheating. Even if your conservatory has a glass roof, if it’s over 10 years old, it probably won’t provide the solar protection which you require.

A glass roof replacement is an excellent way to boost your conservatory’s thermal performance. Modern glass conservatory roofs are designed to regulate solar penetration thus helping to keep your conservatory at an ambient temperature when the weather starts to improve.

At Landmark Window Systems, our glass conservatory roofs are excellent at controlling indoor temperatures and will enable you to use your conservatory all year round.

2) Conservatory window film

Conservatory window film is a metallic coating that can be applied to the interior or exterior of a conservatory’s glazing. It is almost invisible once installed but can help to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce solar glare. It is a cost-effective DIY method for cooling down your conservatory and requires no maintenance once installed.

3) Anti-glare paint for conservatory roofs

Anti-glare paint is a great option for conservatory roofs as it is simple to apply yet very effective. It is also often known as solar reflective paint, meaning that the sun can be reflected away thanks to the metal-based nature of the product.

It is a simple solution and will typically be less expensive than something like fitted blinds. Unlike blinds, anti-glare paint is able to be used on pretty much any conservatory roof and doesn’t need all the measuring and fitting work along with it. Particularly for older conservatories, anti-glare paint can be a strong choice for those who do not want a complete upheaval of their extension.

4) Tiled conservatory roof replacement

Installing a tiled roof onto your conservatory provides a wide range of benefits. It improves thermal performance, creates a cosier interior atmosphere and can help to match the exterior aesthetic with the rest of your property. At Landmark Window Systems, we install the UltraRoof 380 as our tiled conservatory roof of choice. The UltraRoof features lightweight tiles with the option of one or several glazed sections to keep your conservatory bright and airy.

A tiled conservatory roof will make a significant difference to the interior temperature of your conservatory. With less glazing, the conservatory will feel more like a traditional brick-built extension but the glazed sides will still create a naturally bright living environment. A tiled conservatory roof is a great combination of natural light and performance and is perhaps the most effective way to cool your conservatory down in summer.

5) Integral blinds

Integral blinds are installed between the two glass panes of your conservatory’s windows, doors and/or glass roof. They can be manually or electronically operated and require zero maintenance because of their protected position inside the glazing unit. Integral blinds are an innovative way to keep your conservatory cool and shaded when required. They are available in a selection of colours to match any homeowner’s tastes and interior décor.

Victorian replacement roof
Extension with pool and bright open lantern roof structure

6) Conservatory roof paint

Anti-glare or solar reflective paint is solvent-based and can be applied directly onto your conservatory roof. It has a metallic element that helps to reflect sunlight and reduce harmful UV ray penetration. Working in a similar way to conservatory window film, conservatory roof paint is easy to apply and creates a white finish that is weather-resistant and requires no maintenance.

7) Conservatory window tinting

Creating a tinted window effect for your conservatory is done by using a special type of window film. Tinted window film is a metallic-based product and works in the same way as the window film mentioned above. Instead of a clear finish, however, you get a tinted effect that cools down your conservatory while also reducing excessive brightness from the sun’s rays.


As you can see, there are many ways to cool down your conservatory. All of these methods are effective and which you choose will depend on your budget and expectations. If you’d like more advice on the best way to cool down your conservatory, contact Landmark Window Systems today.

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Glass roof with tint for excellent thermal performance