What is the difference between uPVC and composite front doors?

There is a wide range of front door options available in today’s market, all with their respective benefits. Two of the most popular material choices for UK homeowners are uPVC and composite. Composite doors are a fantastic modern option, while uPVC is an ever-improving yet budget-friendly selection. With so many choices on the market, most homeowners just simply want their door to keep the cold out and look good doing it, but which one is best for you? Keep reading to learn the differences between uPVC doors in Plymouth and composite doors.

black composite door

uPVC doors Plymouth vs composite doors: design

uPVC doors have shaken the “white and cheap-looking” reputation of days gone by. It’s a durable and reliable material that stands up well even against the worst the British climate has to offer. Advancements in manufacturing methods over time have seen the uPVC front door’s thermal efficiency improve drastically.

Composite doors are a combination of materials, but not all these doors are designed the same. Our composite doors are crafted with a solid timber core, taking advantage of wood’s excellent natural insulating property. The outer skin of our composite doors is coated in a thermoplastic player and the door as a whole is 10% thicker than other competitors, providing additional protection from the elements.

uPVC doors vs composite doors in Plymouth: maintenance

Both uPVC and composite doors don’t require a lot of maintenance. It’s worth noting that you should be careful when cleaning these doors. Using heavy-duty cleaning products and sponges may cause scratches or discolouration. Giving the door a clean with a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water occasionally will do the trick. The estimated lifespan of a uPVC door is 20 years, with composite doors lasting up to 30 years.

uPVC doors Plymouth vs composite doors: security

This metric is entirely down to the company you’re purchasing the door from. uPVC doors are known for their strength. When combined with a high-tech locking system, as is included in the range of uPVC doors from Landmark, they offer reliable protection from intruders.

Our composite doors pass all security checks, including Secured by Design and PAS24, with flying colours. The doors come with the Ultion lock, the UK’s best and most secure lock guaranteed, as standard. This lock engages a hidden lock automatically when it detects an attack, ensuring that nothing gets past it.

uPVC doors vs composite doors: aesthetics

Pretty even when it comes to the door’s aesthetic. Every element of both the uPVC and composite doors can be customised to your liking. Choose from a varied range of colours and hardware to match any home from any era.

White Stable Door
Red composite door close-up

Composite and uPVC doors and much more for your Plymouth or Cornwall home

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