9 lesser known reasons you should upgrade to double glazing

Are you still putting up with ineffective and draughty single glazing? As well as improving your thermal insulation, there are some other reasons you might not have considered for getting double glazing for your Plymouth home.

Good for your health

In the early 1970s, less than 8% of homes had double glazing. There were more than 40,000 extra deaths during the winter in this decade which could have been due to lack of heating and ineffective insulation. Double glazing keeps your warmth in. Also, as well as letting in draughts, single glazing could be letting moisture in. If this builds up, your home could be at risk of developing damp and mould which can lead to health issues.

Eliminate the elements

The Devonshire coast can suffer from frequent storms, so you’ll want windows that can withstand this. Our windows are exceptionally durable and strong and will last you a lifetime. As well as popular uPVC, our aluminium windows are the perfect choice for coastal areas. Corrosion resistant and low maintenance, they will keep the wind and rain at bay.

Save money

By improving your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll be saving money on your heating bills. Your home will feel warmer, so you won’t need your heating on as often.

Help the planet

Using your heating less often will reduce your home’s CO2 output, making it more environmentally friendly.

White aluminium windows with astragal bars

Freshen up the look of your home

New windows come in more styles and colours than ever before. uPVC doesn’t have to be white so why not choose a bright and bold colour that transforms your home. Your home will have never looked better with windows that require very little maintenance to stay looking as good as new.

No effort required

Modern windows don’t need more than an occasional clean to keep them looking good. Unlike timber, they don’t need regular repainting regardless of which colour or finish you choose.

Keep your home secure

With improved locks and reinforced frames, new double glazing will keep your home more secure. An extra pane of glass will add another level of defence to your home.

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Planning permission isn’t required

Updating your windows is an easy way of improving the look and feel of your home without the need for planning permission. Unlike extensions and other home alterations, new windows can be installed with minimal disruption to your home and family.

Add value

Upgrading to double glazing will increase the value of your home and come in handy when you look at selling. Many potential buyers will be put off by a home without double glazing unless it’s a desirable period home.

The best double glazing in Devon

For the best home improvements and double glazing in Plymouth and Devon, get in touch with Landmark Window Systems. Our A rated double glazing will keep your heat in and ensure a comfortable temperature all year round.

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