Windows for seaside properties – how to beat rust and weathering

Living on the coast can be wonderful; beautiful views and amazing sunsets on your doorstep. However, in Britain this can also come with some disadvantages. Storms, wind, rain and sand can all cause havoc for your home and your windows. What can you do to ensure your windows stay in perfect condition and what is the best choice of material?

What are the best windows for coastal and seaside homes?

Overtime the harsher coastal weather fronts could damage your home including the windows. A reliable and strong material that is weather resistant is a must. Aluminium windows are your best option. Strong and weatherproof, they won’t rust, fade or be easily damaged by regular rain, wind or storms.

Another important consideration for coastal properties is the view from your windows. With aluminium windows, these are only improved. With inherent strength, aluminium can hold larger panes of glass. Combined with this, the really slim and sleek frames give you beautiful wide-ranging views.

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Aluminium windows: the ultimate defence against the elements

When it comes to security and energy efficiency, aluminium is the perfect choice. With a thermally broken profile, draughts will be eradicated so you don’t need to worry about the wind whistling through your home. Aluminium’s natural strength makes it ideal for resisting forced entry so you can be assured your home is kept secure.

What else makes aluminium windows perfect for costal homes?

  • Aluminium has a naturally modern look that will add the wow factor to your home
  • Strong and durable frames that give you far-reaching views
  • Available in many colours & finishes to suit both modern & traditional costal homes
  • Aluminium can be shaped in any way you choose so is the perfect choice for custom shaped windows
  • Secured by Design accreditation is available and multipoint secure locking mechanisms come as standard
  • Expected lifespan of at least 30 years
  • Environmentally friendly; aluminium is 100% recyclable
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Our amazing aluminium windows

The thermal efficiency of our aluminium windows is second to none. A rated and with exceptionally low U-values, they will eradicate draughts and ensure you’re not paying too much for your energy bills.

Powder coating is available in any RAL colour so you can create any look or style in your home. Whether you want your windows to blend in or stand out, our attractive finishes will certainly impress. Our coating is specifically suited to harsher environments so your colour won’t fade, no matter what the weather throws at it.

Reliable home improvements across Devon and Cornwall

Being based in Plymouth has allowed us to have a wealth of experience transforming coastal and seaside properties. Let us at Landmark take care of all the hard work for you. Get in touch today to add some aluminium windows to your home; perfect for any weather.

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