10 reasons to pick aluminium windows for your home

White aluminium windows

Thermal technology to keep you comfortable

It’s easy to imagine that metallic windows would be cold to the touch but with our thermally broken frames, they will never leave you shivering.

Energy efficiency that’s unparallaled

With thermally broken frames comes amazing insulation and efficiency. Our aluminium windows reach an A energy rating with low u values of 1.5. This means your home will be at a perfect temperature year-round. This should also help keep your energy bills down and let you spend your money on the more important things in life.

Easy to look after

Don’t waste away your day looking after your windows. Our aluminium windows are extremely low maintenance and it takes very little effort to keep them looking good. A simple wipe down every so often is all that’s needed.

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Beautiful views perfect for life by the sea

Aluminium is an extremely strong material. This allows it to hold larger panes of glass compared to other materials. This allows more possibilities for the size of your windows, imagine a fully glazed wall overlooking the sea. More glass means you can enjoy less frame and more stunning views.

The perfect choice for Plymouth’s coastline

Aluminium’s strength also means it’s very durable. It’s robustness means it will protect your home against any weather and won’t rot. This makes it perfect for coastal areas and those in harsher environments as you never need to worry about your windows in a storm.

Brighten up your Plymouth home

Our aluminium windows are a great way to add colour to your home. Available in any RAL colour, you can choose to match your windows with the rest of your home. You could also choose a bright and bold shade to boost your home’s kerb appeal and make your home the envy of the street.

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The sustainable choice

Aluminium is the environmentally friendly choice when it comes to windows. As well as aluminium being fully recyclable, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Both ourselves and our suppliers follow strict recycling procedures. As well as keeping your energy usage down, your windows will have been made in an environmentally friendly way.

The finest aluminium windows in Plymouth

Here at Landmark Window, we are Plymouth’s best choice for aluminium windows, as well as uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. Get in touch today to discover what a difference aluminium windows can make to your home.